$TANK Token

CryptoTanks: A dive into the $TANK token

What is a play-to-earn game without its token? Just a game. Here is a full guide to the game’s most vital feature.

For starters, the $TANK token will be a BEP-20 token, as the game itself will be on the Binance Smart Chain network.

What are the uses of it? $TANK token can be used in the following ways:

  • The TANK token is a governance token, meaning, it's holders will have voting power on the DAO that will shape the future of the game!

  • The TANK token is also used as an additional reward for players, for example as a reward for winning positions in the leaderboard.

  • Stake your $TANK tokens in-game or in liquidity pools on DEXs. Earn either more $TANK tokens or LP tokens earned from the liquidity you add to the TANK/BUSD pool on DEXs.

The Total Token supply is fixed at 100 million and its future distribution is already carefully planned. For a better understanding let’s see the following token graphic:

It’s important to highlight that for every Tank NFT sale there will be a 3% burn rate of the transaction, so the token doesn’t actually have a fixed supply, but a deflationary one! Now each of these categories has its own conditions and vesting periods. Let’s see one more table for briefness:

TGE: Token Generation Event

As you can see all conditions are logical. The Team has the most long-term vesting period, and that showcases their commitment to the game. Also, the public sale is the least restrictive with a minimum amount of lockups and the biggest percentage of instantly unlocked tokens. Follow us on Twitter, discord, and telegram to be notified of our IDO date!

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