$TANK Tokens

CryptoTanks: A dive into the $TANK token

What is a play-to-earn game without its token? Just a game. Here is a full guide to the game’s most vital feature.
For starters, the $TANK token will be an BEP20 token, as the game itself will be on the Binance Smart Chain network.
What are the uses of it? $TANK token can be used in the following four ways:
  • Buying/Minting a CryptoTank and enjoying the game itself of course, whether it’s your first one or just expanding your collection!
  • Purchasing the upgrades, you unlock the combat experience gained from the various battle types.
  • Stake your $TANK tokens in-game or in liquidity pools on DEXs. Earn either more $TANK tokens or LP tokens earned from the liquidity you add to the TANK/BUSD pool on DEXs.
  • Rent a CryptoTank so you can test drive it, if you are not too sure about buying it first, so you can find the perfect one for you!
The Total Token supply is fixed at 100 million and its future distribution is already carefully planned. For better understanding let’s see the following token graphic:
It’s important to highlight that for every Tank NFT sale there will be a 3% burn rate of the transaction, so the token doesn’t actually have a fixed supply, but a deflationary one! Now each of these categories has its own conditions and vesting periods. Let’s see one more table for briefness:
Token Distribution
Seed Sale
20% Unlocked at TGE; 20% Released every 3 Months after that (4, 8, 12, 16).
Private Sale
20% Unlocked at TGE; 20% Released every 3 Months after that (4, 8, 12, 16).
Public Sale
25% Unlocked at TGE; Linear vesting of 25% after that (2, 3, 4).
12 Month Lock Up. 20% Released every 3 Month after that. Month(13, 17, 21, 26, 30).
Marketing, Acquisitions & Licenses
10% Unlocked at TGE and 5% Monthly Unlock
Staking, Liquidity & Incentives
30% Unlocked at the TGE and 5% Monthly unlock
5% Unlocked at Month 2,3,7 & 10. Then 20% every 3 Months after that. Month(13, 16, 19, 22)
Game Incentives and Rewards
10% Unlocked at Month 2; 5% every month after that until Month 13, then 2.5% until Month 26.
Advisors & Partners
6 Month Lock Up. 5% Linear Vesting.
TGE: Token Generation Event
As you can see all conditions are logical. The Team has the most long-term vesting period, and that showcases their commitment to the game. Also, the public sale is the least restrictive with a minimum amount of lockups and the biggest percentage of instantly unlocked tokens. Follow us on Twitter, discord, and telegram to be notified of our IDO date!
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