Hello CryptoTanks

3..2..1..Enter the arena...first few seconds scouting the terrain, are there any traps, best defensive positions...I move around...someone makes a mistake, and there you go, the first one down...didn't get the kill...I see the flames but no distractions. I move on...suddenly, I realize I have an enemy on each side. I'm moving backward so I'm not caught in the middle...I'll lose another kill, but the win is more important, but suddenly I see something on my back...someone has sneaked behind me...I try to turn and...oh ****! Game Over... I’m livid, I didn't even gain anything cause I finished with zero kills...Turns out I didn't read the map well enough. Unfortunate but I’ll hop on to another game.

If you got lost in the heat of battle, fear not; we will take everything from the start!

NFT's Quick Intro

NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token,’ ever heard of it before? Well, very few things in life are fungible, your dog, your sandwich, your neighbor, your sneakers are all non-fungible. There are also many things like bills, shares, and grain that seem fungible, but if you carefully examine them, they are not. We have all socially decided to treat them as fungible though. So, what you need to know is that non-Fungible indicates the uniqueness of the Token. But where is the Art? What Art? NFTs are TOKENS, and tokens can represent anything. In our case, it’s in-game assets, which is art if you think about it. The technology is used because in the game, you will own everything you have, and to know what is yours, everything needs to be unique, enter NFTs.


You may or may not be familiar with the legendary 8-bit game ‘Battle City.’ Either way, if you love to combat, you are in luck! CryptoTanks is the new ETH and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), blockchain-based, play-and-earn game, and it’s available for free! The game will be an improved version of the classic tanks that were loved so much. Not only will you be playing and having fun, but also, you’ll be earning rewards with real value. What is essential for us is building a long-term community that genuinely enjoys the game. That is why there are many exciting features in the works, but we won’t give them away yet. Fear not though, the team always covers the latest updates on their social networks, so join our community, and we will keep you updated!

CryptoTanks and Battle City Connection

How is CryptoTanks similar to Battle City? Well, the core mechanics are similar. A player is free to choose from dozens of CryptoTanks and face opponents in the Battle Area. But this isn’t just a revival, as many new features will make this game much more sophisticated. To start, besides the DeFi aspect that’s obvious, every Tank NFT will have its modification of armor, weapons, speed, and complete customization. These aren’t cosmetic features, as varying stats will lead to different gameplay styles for each player. Later in the game, we will launch features such as flags and player bases. Flags refer to items that will spawn randomly on the map. Player bases will be protected boxes that each player will have, and if it gets captured, the player loses. A lot more is on the way with never seen before gameplay that will keep you on edge and make the game much more unpredictable! Read on and learn how to start playing!

START Playing Now

How To Get Your First TANK NFT

CryptoTanks offers users several options for acquiring an NFT, and they all go through the official website:

  • The easiest way is to mint a CryptoTank using Ethereum.

  • Also, an NFT can be purchased from other users through external marketplaces.

  • Option 3, if you are not too sure about it, rent a tank (in the future).

You will encounter two tokens, $GTANK, and $TANK.

$GTANK token can be exchanged for the available stablecoins in your game wallet. The GTANK token exchange rate is equal to $1, it’s basically an in-game stablecoin.

$TANK token can be found in DEX/CEX exchanges and added to liquidity pools as it is a BEP-20 token. You can stake your TANK tokens and earn either more TANK tokens or LP tokens earned from the liquidity you add to the TANK/ETH pool on DEXs. Once you get your $TANK tokens, you can use them at will.

So, to jump into the thick of battle and start smashing enemies you need to connect your wallet to the website, then sign up and create your account. Once you have, you need to either mint or buy a Tank and press play. You are free to download the application from the official website by choosing the appropriate platform (macOS, Windows, or Android) in order to start the game.


The CryptoTanks game offers varied gameplay, rewards, and game modes. There are three different battle types based on their rewards.

  • Experience Battles: You can gain combat experience points which you can use in leveling up your Tank. This is your opportunity to test new tactics, a few tricks and get familiar with maps and their obstacles. Have you leveled up? Now it’s time to earn some Tokens so you can buy the upgrades you unlocked with $GTANK.

  • Treasure Battles: Not skilled enough yet? Here, you can practice even more while also earning $GTANK tokens, when you have enough, you can equip your Tank with the upgrades you bought.

  • Betting Battles: Feel confident? Here is your time to shine. Form a prize pool by depositing Tokens with other players in a winner takes all game. Blitz (solo), Capture the flag (3x3), and Base capture (3x3 or 2x2x2) are the modes included in the betting battles.

CryptoTanks is suitable for both teams and single players. There are two types of game modes:

  • One against All - Last survivor wins, all enemies must be destroyed.

  • Teamplay - Team versus Team, two or three teams take part depending on the mode.

So, you either play solo or with your friends, and have fun both ways!

Your CryptoTank

Each Tank is a collectible NFT token with its own unique characteristics. Some are for looks only. You can see the design pieces on our minting page. Most affect your gameplay like Chassis (Speed), Gun (Firepower), Armor (Protection). You can choose the combination that matches your skill. Later, there will be other features that complicate the choice of a Tank. There are three rarities Common, Rare, Legendary. Rarity changes the color of your Tank but also gives them different battle stats, with Legendary having the best ones, of course. Tanks will also have generations. For example, the first generation will total 7000 Common, 2500 Rare, 500 Legendary Tank NFTs. Those Tanks will be superior to the Tanks of future generations. So, hop on early and get rewarded for it in the future.

Maps and Game Objects

Dozens of Maps already exist. Each of them is created for a specific game style: a defense game, a hide-and-seek game, a game on “islands,” and an open game. Discover which game style suits you best and master every Map. Each one will include a particular pattern of obstacles and landscape. Keep in mind those obstacles as there are six different categories. Specifically, there are passable, impassable, destructible, indestructible, temporarily non-destructible, and projectiles (which means that only projectiles can pass through this field). You need to be careful though! Obstacles in the same category don’t mean they are the same or that you can treat them as such. If you do, that will lead to your doom! Hop on to the description of game obstacles to find out more about each one.

The Future

Cryptotanks has an extensive roadmap ahead and a team willing and capable to see it through, as they are fans of the game themselves. Map NFTs are already on the way. Many features were discussed in previous sections of the intro and more are also scheduled for the future, so you can expect more changes in Tank characteristics and game modes.

DeFi Mechanics

CryptoTanks offers multiple ways to earn:

  • Play and earn $GTANK and $TANK tokens, which you can, of course, sell.

  • Upgrade your Tanks NFT with $GTANK Tokens and sell it for a profit on an external marketplace.

  • Buy tanks and rent them out to other players if your collection is too big for you to play alone.

To recap, earn both tokens, rent, upgrade and sell. You can choose one of the three ways to earn or all of them!

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