Report 01.04.2022

What has been done:

  1. API Server:

    1. The ability to change the password by the administration upon request;

    2. Instead of a numeric tank ID, you can pass id/unique_id/tags;

    3. Instead of a numeric user ID, you can pass id/unique_id/nickname;

    4. Open-API translated into English;

    5. Logout event and working out of non-standard scenarios;

  2. Game Server:

    1. Open-API translated into English;

    2. Fixed display and appearance of game bonuses;

    3. Optimization of client/server communication;

    4. Added damage effect from the “Survival” phase;

    5. The intensity of the displayed traces of the tank after its movement has been changed;

    6. Fixed errors in the work of the “Flight” bonus, now when using the bonus, the sand does not reduce speed;

    7. Fixed a bug with the incorrect work of the sand;

    8. Debugging work;

  3. Customer:

    1. UI edits;

    2. Logout when logging in from another device;

    3. Saving the selected tank before starting the match;

    4. Empty hangar;

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