Report 11.02.2022

What has been done:

  1. API Server:

    1. Generation of json with information about the tank by its token_id;

    2. Connecting to the game server via http;

    3. Autotests of game API related to matchmaking;

  2. Game Server:

    1. API gateway for connecting the main API server;

    2. API gateway web server tests;

    3. API gateway logic tests;

    4. Updated the logic of the game server associated with the display of bonuses during the match;

    5. Debugging work;

  3. Unity:

    1. Developed bonus "Jump";

    2. Developed bonus "Bomb";

    3. Integrated animation for the “Bomb” bonus;

    4. Integrated animation for the “Invulnerability” bonus;

    5. Integrated localization plugin and rendered all available text keys; Debugging and code refactoring;

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