Report 15.04.2022

What has been done:

  1. API Server:

    1. Dev API for matchmaking;

    2. Logging matches in the database;

    3. Logging purchases of bullets in the database;

    4. Logging tank repairs in the database;

    5. Advanced logging of user inputs;

    6. Kill statistics;

    7. Debugging work;

  2. Game Server:

    1. Shutting down the server if there is a .fresh-build file (for the needs of DevOps);

    2. API for shutting down the server (for the needs of DevOps);

    3. Expanded list of metrics;

    4. Implementation of a tool for conducting stress tests to load server resources;

    5. Debugging work related to memory overflow on the game server (increased the number of logs for more detailed debugging);

  3. Customer:

    1. In the "Quick Match" mode, weekly statistics of kills are displayed;

    2. In the works: smoothing the display of users with a high ping rate;

    3. In the works: increasing the amount of data controlled by the server during the match;

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