Report 21.01.2022

What has been done:

  1. Game server:

    1. Implemented a simplified logic for the operation of rooms that users can connect to for an online game;

    2. Creation of many rooms with isolated players;

    3. Assembly automation;

    4. Ability to collect statistics through Prometheus;

  2. Connecting players to the room;

  3. Implemented the basic logic of the game rules and the game timer;

  4. Redesigned authorization screen;

  5. Redesigned main menu screen;

  6. Redesigned settings screen;

  7. Redesigned game search screen;

  8. Redesigned hangar screen;

  9. Redesigned top panel;

  10. Redesigned combat interface;

  11. Redesigned modal windows;

  12. Code refactoring;

  13. Connecting information in the hangar to server data;

  14. Automation of specifying the address of the API server for various assemblies;

  15. API server:

    1. Localization of test UI for tank generation;

    2. API documentation;

    3. Changing the logic and structure of the generation/pumping of tanks;

    4. Admin-API changes.

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