Game Design


CryptoTanks is an online game where players control a tank and fight in the arena. Each tank can be improved depending on the results of the battle, thereby increasing its characteristics and increasing the rank.

The game will feature tanks of three rarities: common, rare and legendary. Depending on the rank of the tank, its characteristics will improve, additional bonuses are also possible, which will allow you to win more often.

The further content of this document is organized into sections, which provides following information:

This section contains basic information about the game – a general description, genre, prerequisites for creating the game and its features, target audience and platform. This section is intended for all interested parties. The initial concept was laid at the preliminary stage. In the future, it can be further developed and expanded in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Contains information about the principles of the game. It includes a description of the interface, graphics and sound content. Contains a description of the composition of the game levels. This section is intended for all interested parties.

Platform, genre and audience

The game belongs to the genre of retro games, is made in 2D and is designed for a mobile platform based on Android, desktop versions for macOS and Windows operating systems, a browser version of WebGL.

CryptoTanks is aimed at a narrow audience, does not contain restrictive content, the intended category is E10 (For everyone from 10 years and older). Projects with this rating may contain a little cartoon or mild violence, or a few explicit scenes or a minimal amount of blood.

The main target audience of the project is people aged 18-45 years. The game is particularly attractive for people who are interested in NFT systems.

By default, the game has 1 language:

  • English

Main features of the game

  1. PvP battles in a rating game;

  2. Arena with a reward;

  3. Upgrading tanks;

  4. Rating table and ranking system.

Note: In this document, numerical values associated with the balance can be found. They are introductory and can be changed during the development and testing of the game.

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