Initial Characteristics

The eight Basic Stats that shape your gameplay are:

  • Speed: how fast your Tank moves.

  • Armor: basically your health bar.

  • Ricochet: a chance of an enemy Tank dealing no damage.

  • Fire Rate: the speed of your projectile.

  • Shot Damage: the basic damage you deal.

  • Luck: a chance of dealing critical damage.

  • Bonus: a boost in the time of the bonuses you pick up during Battle.

  • Resilience: reduces the repair cost.

Each characteristic has a Range from Level 1 to Level 50. It is not necessary that a Tank will start at the minimum of each characteristic or reach the maximum at the last Level.

Each Rarity has its own min/max Range as a starting point. The amount it can increase though after it levels up is the same, meaning a Legendary Tank doesn’t level up faster than a Common one. Let’s see the differences.

Common Tank:

Rare Tank:

Legendary Tank:

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