Report 25.02.2022

What has been done:

  1. API Server:

    1. Adaptation of Server-Sent Events to WebGL version (+tests);

    2. Timeouts for game rooms (+tests);

    3. Open API extension;

  2. Client:

    1. Loading and displaying images of tanks;

    2. Using the matchmaking API;

    3. Using data from the server in the top status panel;

    4. Adaptation of ServerSentEvents to WebGL version;

    5. Adaptation of asynchronous API to WebGL version;

    6. Develop and display super bonuses during battle;

    7. Load testing automation;

    8. Writing autotests;

  3. Game:

    1. Network API integration for communication with the lobby server;

    2. Development of a super bonus “Super Crit”;

    3. Development of the super bonus “Double Shot”;

    4. Development of the super bonus “Immortality”;

    5. Development of the super bonus “Trickster”;

    6. Debugging and code refactoring;

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