Report 04.03.2022

What has been done:

  1. API Server:

    1. Development of the in-game economy;

    2. Development of rewards for completing the match;

    3. Debugging work;

    4. Open API extension;

  2. Customer:

    1. Debugging work with the game timer;

    2. Debugging work with the timings of the appearance of bonuses;

    3. Work with the transfer of statistics data, at the end of the match;

    4. Debugging work with displaying the map and map objects;

    5. Debugging work with displaying tank models by the data transmitted from the server;

    6. Load testing automation;

    7. Writing autotests;

  3. Game:

    1. Working and debugging the network API to communicate with the lobby server;

    2. Debugging work of matchmaking and entering the match by timer;

    3. Debugging work with the Super bonuses module;

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