Report 28.01.2022

What has been done:

  1. Misc.

    1. Preparing a demo assembly;

    2. Redesigned hangar screen;

    3. Updated fonts in all sections of the game menu;

    4. Redesigned startup screen;

    5. Updated logic of scroll bars;

    6. Updated game camera logic to work with seamless textures;

    7. Implemented the logic of the characteristics of tanks from the side of Unity;

    8. Connected the logic of the game interface (timer, damage, HP);

    9. Implemented the logic of distribution of players by rooms when the limit of 6 people is reached;

    10. Debugging work with the game interface (layout for different resolutions and screen formats);

    11. Refactoring code on the game scene;

  2. API server:

    1. Player rating;

    2. Rating table;

    3. A generalized algorithm for creating rooms, taking into account the limitations of the boundaries of each room and the individual parameters of the players.

  3. Game server:

    1. Web server with the following functionality: viewing logs and build versions.

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