Report 20.05.2022

What was done:

  1. Lobby Server:

    1. Configuring pre-settings for bot behavior.

  2. Game Client/Server:

    1. Aggressive bots, react to hits and start chasing;

    2. Pre-settings of bot behavior;

    3. Redesigned tank movement control systems to eliminate cheating on the part of the client;

    4. Increased smoothness of movement of opponents;

    5. The data transmission system has been changed, now the player is more tied to the game server, and teleports of tanks with high ping have been eliminated;

    6. In the process of improving the brains of bots, for more natural behavior on the field;

    7. Removed the ping display from the left-bottom corner;

    8. Added display of the client version during the game;

    9. Various network code edits;

    10. New maps have been created:

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