Report 25.03.2022

What has been done:

  1. API Server:

    1. Game server map settings;

    2. Transmission of information about the inclusion of bots for a quick match, if the number of players is not enough after the waiting / search timer expires;

    3. Extended open-API;

    4. Debugging work;

  2. Customer:

    1. Editing the layout of the main menu and other game sections;

    2. Synchronized sound settings;

    3. Boot splash between scenes;

    4. Pop-up messages when there are not enough resources;

    5. Implemented enemy freeze animation;

    6. Ricochet animation implemented;

    7. Implemented animation of a successful shot;

    8. Added images of tanks to the list of players in the match;

    9. Added designation of own tank in battle;

    10. Debugging work;

  3. Game:

    1. Extended open-API;

    2. The logic of game bots;

    3. Fixed client-server synchronization errors;

    4. Debugging work with the characteristics of tanks;

    5. Fixed bugs with how tank resurrection works;

    6. Debugging work;

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