Tank NFTs

Tank NFTs will differ from others as they will possess unique characteristics. Each Tank has its name, rarity, country, level, and battle statistics like Speed, Damage, and Armor. So, you can choose which country you represent. Currently, there are six, Russia, the USA, China, Germany, France, Poland, and the team will look into expanding these options. You can upgrade your Tank's level with the experience points you gain from playing. Finally, you may select a tank that suits your own gameplay style. Do you prefer to maneuver? Choose a tank with a higher Speed. Do you prefer to be a Tank? (Pun intended!) Then up your Armor. Of course, you can acquire a balanced option or master all the gameplay styles by expanding your collection!

Really important is the rarity of your Tank. As you can imagine, higher rarity means better stats. There are three rarities Common, Rare, and Legendary. Not only are your stats better, but you also have a different color, Common is green, Rare is gold, and Legendary is Black. So not only do you have a statistical advantage (you can say physical), but also a psychological one, as you will inspire fear into the hearts of your enemies!

Tanks will also have generations. For example, the first generation will total 7000 Common, 2500 Rare, and 500 Legendary Tank NFTs. Those Tanks will be superior to the Tanks of future generations. So, hop on early, get rewarded for it in the future, and flex your OG Tanks!

Tanks NFTs characteristics:

  • ID

  • Name

  • Country

  • Rarity

  • Level

  • Speed

  • Damage

  • Fire Rate

  • Armor

  • Ricochet

  • Luck

  • Bonus

  • Stars

  • Efficiency

  • Resilience

Tanks NFTs can be purchased in our shop or an external marketplace.

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