Report 29.07.2022

What was done:

  1. Lobby Server:

    1. Implemented the mechanics of splitting room states for group/single battles;

    2. Implemented the creation of team games “Capture the Flag”;

    3. Debugging;

  2. Server/Client:

    1. Implemented the mechanic of picking up and fighting for the flag on the map;

    2. Implemented the mechanics of the appearance of the flag at specified points on the map;

    3. Implemented flag bases, which are control points on the map and bring victory points to teams that are awarded at the time the flag is transferred to the base;

    4. Implemented the mechanics of infinite and limited tank respawns during group battles;

    5. Implemented the mechanics of slowing down the player's movement when a tank holds the flag;

    6. The main logic of the “Flag Battle” mode has been implemented - the mode is being tested and debugged;

    7. “Base capture” mode - 60% completed;

    8. Debugging;

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