Report 05.08.2022

What was done:

  1. Lobby Server:

    1. Support for dynamic creation of match modes;

    2. Device type accounting for online users;

    3. Custom API for buying stars;

    4. Custom tank repair API;

    5. Custom tank leveling API;

    6. Custom API for distributing tank upgrade points;

  2. Client/Server:

    1. The interface of the main menu has been redesigned (with the choice of the match mode);

    2. The hangar interface has been completely redesigned;

    3. Distribution of pumping points; Implemented the logic of buying stars on the client side;

    4. Implemented the logic of buying shells on the client side;

    5. Implemented logic for repairing a tank on the client side;

    6. Base capture mode - 90% complete;

    7. Improved AI system for bots, now the bot can determine the path to other tanks, go around or destroy obstacles if they prevent it from doing so;

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