How to Mint

1.🎮Go to the Minting Page

In order to mint your first Tank, smash the "Mint Tank" button to head to the Minting Page.

2. Select your Tank's Rarity

If you went directly to Mint or followed step 1 from the Hangar, you are now in the minting page. What is it going to be? Common, Rare, Legendary or will you test your luck!?

Careful! You wallet is already connected, BUT you need to be on the Binance Smart Chain Network. If you are not you will see this pop up!

3. Select the BSC network.

To be on the Binance Smart Chain network, you simply have to open your wallet, open the network list, and select it.

4. Sign the transaction

Whether you needed step 3. or not, you now have to simply sign the transaction. Make sure to have the necessary funds in BUSD, before you attempt to transact.

💥 Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Tank NFT 💥

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