Report 14.01.2022

What was done

  1. Create ENV(Prod, Release, Dev):

    1. Buy servers;

    2. Setup and tune servers;

    3. Create and tune DB(Prod, Dev);

    4. Setup Git(Git Flow);

    5. Setup Docker(k8s);

    6. Setup project in the Jira;

    7. Setup CI/CD(BitBucket PipeLines);

    8. Setup Unity Cloud.

CryptoTanks Frontend repo

CryptoTanks Game Backend repo

CryptoTanks Website Backend repo

CryptoTanks Game Frontend(UNITY) repo

  1. The interface design has been developed for all game menus:

    1. Authorization;

    2. Hangar;

    3. Main menu;

    4. vPreparing for battle;

    5. Game settings;

    6. Battle screen;

  2. The design of the gaming locations has been developed;

  3. Developed game animations of explosions of shells, tanks and game bonuses;

  4. The design of game bonuses and bonus animation has been developed;

  5. Integration and layout of the game interface for screens:

    1. Authorization;

    2. Hangar;

    3. Main menu;

    4. Preparing for battle;

    5. Game settings;

  6. Integration of musical accompaniment;

  7. Developed the logic of the game settings in the "Control" section

  8. A map constructor has been developed to create and edit unique battlefields;

  9. Integrated card parsing logic;

  10. Integrated design of map blocks;

  11. The logic of all types of blocks has been implemented:

    1. Destruction of blocks;

    2. Obstruction;

    3. Disguise;

  12. Implemented MVP assembly, in which you can try to control a tank on the battlefield and look at the destructibility of objects;

  13. In the development of a game server, at the moment, the logic of connecting to one game lobby has been implemented, where you can conduct a battle according to a simplified logic with several opponents;

  14. Integrated animation of shell and tank explosions;

  15. Water animation integrated;

  16. A prototype has been developed for generating and creating tanks, for testing and balancing the game;

  17. Work on creating separate rooms on the server;

  18. Building a game server in the cloud;

  19. Adding tank characteristics;

  20. Improving the collision between tanks;

  21. Added sand resistance;

  22. Refactoring the code and getting rid of global data;

  23. Network bots (for debugging);

  24. By interface: allocation of the player's tank, the standard of living, names;

  25. Refactoring the code of the block responsible for checking the help of the QR code in the application;

  26. Refactoring of the code block responsible for the sequence of actions during authorization;

  27. Correction of errors on the keyboard settings screen;

  28. Adding the ability to use numbers from 0 to 9 when configuring control keys;

  29. Changing the layout of the combat interface (top panel, timer, etc.);

  30. Refactoring the code of the combat interface for its changes;

  31. Minor interface fixes on other screens for the logic of the combat interface;

  32. Adding sending a QR code to the servers in the WebGL version to decrypt it;

  33. Adding processing of the server response when sending using a QR code;

  34. Adding animations displayed in the process of accessing the server;

  35. Setting up the application's response to responses from the server;

  36. Generating unique tanks and saving them in the database:

    1. The ability to create and save a specified number of unique tanks via the developer API;

    2. Linking tanks to users(via developer-API);

    3. Moved the developer's user interface for generating tanks to another location;

    4. Dev-API can only be used if there is a special token;

    5. At the moment, the token can only be assigned via ENV (APP_ADMIN_TOKEN);

    6. API for barcode recognition and generation;

    7. User API for getting a list of your tanks;

  37. Boosters (Damage improvement, microstane, etc.):

    1. The ability to change prices through the developer-API;

    2. User API for purchase;

    3. Developer-API for adding/removing amplifiers for any user;

    4. Authorization via a one-time code;

    5. Dev registration and authorization is only available for admin;

    6. Developer's user interface for creating a one-time code via developer login/password;

    7. User interface for authorization via a one-time code.

Make a new design design and brand style(v4)

  1. Web site design;

  2. New Gameplay design;

  3. Brand style;

  4. Media updates style.

Create unique tanks images generator;

Added DDOS protection;

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