Report 18.03.2022

What has been done:

  1. API Server:

    1. Extended import of configuration and docs;

    2. Dynamic configuration change via API;

    3. API for changing the experience/level of tanks;

    4. Import tank names from docs;

    5. The client for the game server is generated from open-API;

    6. Tokens are given for winning the 'Race for treasure';

  2. Customer:

    1. UI edits;

    2. Removed the full_screen debugging button;

    3. Debugging work on the game scene;

    4. Fixed a number of errors related to the use of activated bonuses;

    5. Fixed a bug with "Time Freeze" when tanks lost control but continued to move in the original direction;

    6. Fixed bugs with the animation of the “Shield” and “Super Strength” bonuses;

    7. Fixed bugs with connection to the match;

    8. Fixed bugs in which the user received an incorrect reward for a rating match;

    9. Integrated sounds into the game scene;

  3. Game:

    1. The API has been fully transferred to open-API;

    2. Refinement works;

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