How to Start

Earn to play game

Get a tank

You will need at least one tank NFT to start playing the core modes or you can drop in the betting arenas without one!
Mint a Tank
Rent a Tank (TBA)
The Tank is an NFT itself and you can mint on our NFT Page or once you have registered the user profile.
If you have insufficient funds to buy a tank or you just want to practice, you can take a tank for rent. In CryptoTanks a secure protocol is implemented, you are guaranteed to get the money and no one will deceive you. Read more about tank rental here.

Download and setup our application

CryptoTanks is available for Android, macOS, Windows and WebGL
  • For Android: coming soon
  • For macOS: coming soon
  • For Windows: coming soon
  • For Web: coming soon
WARNING! Download cryptotanks applications only from official site -!

Start playing and earning!

Open the application and log in to it. After entering the application, the tanks available for your account will be displayed. Start playing, and for each played game you will have the chance to gain GTANK and TANK tokens that can help you level up, upgrade, and ultimately, climb the leaderboard.