Report 08.04.2022

What has been done:

  1. API Server:

    1. List of players during match search;

    2. Added missing fields to ntf json;

    3. Expanded leaderboard for admin;

    4. In the worktable is the leader in kills;

    5. Error correction;

  2. Game Server:

    1. Showing the damage done;

    2. Showing ping to the game server;

    3. Optimization of client/server communication;

    4. Debugging work with the display of tanks while moving (the model does not rotate);

    5. The system of protection against the acceleration of animations during the game by third-party programs is in operation;

    6. In debugging, a memory leak was fixed on game servers;

    7. Optimization of the game server with data on game cards;

    8. Debugging work;

  3. Customer:

    1. UI edits;

    2. Work started on the implementation of assemblies for the mobile (Android) and desktop (Windows) versions of the game;

    3. Sorting tanks by rarity in the Hangar section;

    4. A service for receiving Crash Reporting logs is connected;

    5. Showing the damage done;

    6. List of players during match search.

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