Game Sign In

General settings

The data for entering the game

To get the data for game authorization, you'll have to move to your profile settings via the link ( On this page, enter your nickname, email, choose your country and time zone, create the password and save the changes by pressing the 'Save' button. Simple enough!
After that, you'll be offered two variants of entering the game. You can scan the QR Code or enter the game via the created authorization data (email and password).
Note that! All your TANKS and Maps NFTs are attached to your ETH wallet.
What does that mean? It means that via email and password, you are going to have these options available:

Which options are available via email and password?

  • ✅ Get access to the game.
  • ✅ Take part in all the games available.
  • ✅ Earn TANKS tokens.
  • ✅ Level up Tanks NFTs.
But you will have to connect your Wallet to do the most vital actions:

Which options are not available via email and password?

  • Sell/buy/rent Tanks NFTs.
  • Sell/buy/rent Maps NFTs.
  • Transfer possession of your NFTs.
  • Receive TANKS tokens earned in the game.
  • Use Staking functionality.
  • Change Tank NFTs.