Sounds and Music


List of required sound effects:
  • The sound of pressing the shot button;
  • The sound of clicking making a purchase (amplifiers or tank repairs);
  • The sound of the beginning of the fight / the end of the fight;
  • Sound of the reward window;
  • The sound of taking bonuses during the battle.


When writing a soundtrack, it is necessary to focus on the graphic component of the project. The music should fit into the game environment and the overall style as much as possible.
Several similar soundtracks for the game are needed:
  • Calm soundtrack for the game menu;
  • Dynamic soundtrack for the game.
Writing music can take a lot of time, usually to start a project you can find a lot of good music on third-party sources that can be used for an affordable price ($ 100-200 for one soundtrack). Writing your own music can take several hundred hours, which is very different from ready-made pricing solutions.
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