Tanks rental
CryptoTanks has developed the functionality of renting the Tank NFTs. Let us recall that to start playing the game, you'll have to get at least one Tank. Not every player is ready to buy Tanks NFTs for several reasons. Let's be honest, not every player is ready to figure out how cryptocurrency and blockchain work and spend his funds for game items. However, they all want to play and earn every day! Even if it's not your first Tank, you can use renting to test Tanks with different characteristics, see what fits your gameplay, and then buy what you like to expand your collection!
Tank NFT example
On the other hand, we offer renting NFT functionality as a tool for smart investors. You can buy NFTs and rent them while getting a massive number of benefits. Now earning passive income can be done with both staking and renting!
  • You set fees by yourself and receive them for each played game to your Wallet.
  • It is safe to rent your NFTs without the fear of them being stolen.
  • After each game played, the tank level and its technical characteristics grow as well as its price.
  • You can both play and rent your tanks automatically during the game breaks.
  • You can move back your NFTs and stop the renting process at any time.
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