User profile
Your Profile is your War Camp! To get access to your "Profile," you'll have to follow the link ( and connect via MetaMask.


At the top of the page, there is an informative dashboard showcasing all the necessary information about your account.
The first column contains the data for entering the game. After you download the game, you’ll be able to press the "QR Code" button and scan the code you received on your smartphone. After that, you’ll automatically enter the game. This article describes in detail how to create your data for entering the game.


This section contains the primary information about your Wallet and the chain you're in. There you can always find the wallet address you are using.


Assets that are available on your Wallet:
  • TANKS - the amount of $TANK tokens.
  • Tanks NFTs - the amount of Tanks NFTs you own.
  • Maps NFTs - the amount of Maps NFTs available in your Wallet.
From the Profile, you can also access Staking for your $TANK tokens and your Stats to flex them on your friends!